The struggle for survival, common to humanity, is part and parcel of humanity and, certainly,, a self-defining characteristic of one’s art. I see security, respectability, fame, and success as obstructions to one’s sense of commonality; and, reactions to events can only be the conditioning of each individual’s wishes to disintegrate: I speak to the notions of fear, territoriality, ownership, and nationality, as being divisive influences which anyone may opt to uproot:

In a single instance, one finally feels empty to receive and be filled again. The act of negotiating is no longer present, there are no negotiations, there is no threat or reward in the future, and the old is no longer under the radar.

Perhaps one becomes so familiar with the act of dying, that it is not even relevant; but one recognizes not to fear death; because one has become aware that death is only a part of our daily life: In the absence of comparison and distinction.

One’s inner stillness, and silence can not be filtered from any aspiration, just as humility can not be the result of desire and ambition: One can not accumulate that which is not of the intellect, that which is derived from the force of nature in all of us.

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